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Commuter Rail hits man in Whitman; no news coverage

UPDATED to reflect that the indecent involved a pedestrian, not a motor vehicle as I first thought.

The 9:30pm outbound Kingston commuter rail struck a man near the Essex Street crossing in Whitman Thursday night; the first emergency call was received at 10:06 pm, according to chatter heard on a police scanner. I cannot confirm whether or not that this incident was fatal.

Curiously, I can't find one mention of this in local media - not even the local South Shore papers. I guess T accidents after daylight hours don't give good enough photo ops to make the news.

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It appears I may be incorrect about a vehicle being involved.

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No, sir, you are wrong. It does not appear as if you may be incorrect.

No need for double qualifiers - just say it:

I was wrrrr..... wrrrooonnn....

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I was wrong. I hastily posted a link that I barley read as I went out the door. No need to make a big deal about it.

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I live 2 houses down from Whitman, and I had no idea.

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