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Best Big Dig analogy of the day, plus: More anger

Out there on the Other Coast, SFWillie manages to find a connection between the Big Dig tragedy and Barry Bonds's home-run record: Both involve cheating.

Ben Ostrander drove through a Big Dig tunnel today:

... I was actually a little nervous along with the guy I was driving with. We both kept our eyes on the ceiling hoping that that the huge ceiling tiles would not fall down and that the epoxy holding them on was still strong. Here's to fixing this travesty of a public works program can somehow be fixed and that no one else has to lose his or her life after being told repeatedly that the tunnels are safe. We know they aren't. To the MTA, please don't disrespect us and tell us these tunnels are still safe. Do your job, get competent engineers in the tunnels to monitor them before an even bigger tragedy happens. ...

Today made Steve Skalish glad he no longer does the traffic reports on WBZ.

Valerie: My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of this young woman but especially to her husband, I can not even fathom what he is going through right now.

David explains why Romney may not be able to get Amorello out as turnpike chairman - has to do with the ruling in the case involving Jane Swift's attempt to remove Christy Mihos from the turnpike board (basically: authorities are different from you and me).

Angela is fuming:

... It just sucks that it takes the death of a poor woman before something is finally done about all the corruption and incompetence surrounding the Big Dig.

Meredith looks at the accident from a parent's perspective.

... Now a Boston family is in mourning.

And the public doesn't know what to believe or who to trust. No one, it seems, is ever held accountable for mistakes, intentional or otherwise.

What a lousy lesson for my kids.

Why did the slabs give way?
Big Dig afternoon edition: Tragedy, awful commute and Matt Amorello.
Big Collapse.


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I think Romney's gonna come out on top in this. In the Swift/Mihos/Levy case, the SJC ruled Swift lacked "just cause" to fire Mihos and Levy.

Yesterday, AFTER a woman was crushed to death by a 3-ton concrete slab, and BEFORE any investigation had even begun, Amorello said...

"The tunnels are safe."

Forget about firing this guy. We should be looking at having him committed.

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I saw that you linked my piece on the Big Dig. I do thank you for reading. Since you posted that, I actually moved my blog address to a new location, so I think that link is broken.

I feel for everyone that has to deal with the aftermath of that incident. I especially feel for the family of the victim. I do pray for them.

You are right. Those were the kind of events that made traffic reporting not a fun thing to do.

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