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The road to hell is lined with the cars of self-important Massholes

Sarah discovers why people park on the street a half mile away from the Atrium Mall rather than trying to park in its garage:

... As I decsended into the bowls of the garage, I was struck first with how many spaces there WOULD have been, if people had deigned to park within the lines. I saw Lexus sedans and BMW convertibles sprawled out lazily among 2 or sometimes 3 spaces. Hummers parked so that their front tires were in the space but the rest of the hulking mass was sticking out several feet, creating intermittent traffic jams as two lanes of cars looking for parking tried to negotiate past. ...

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Not afraid to say this at all - any time I see a car parked diagonally across two spaces, I work up a good blob of spit and deposit it with force upon the offending vehicle. Self-important a-holes.

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