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annoying people

By adamg - 3/3/24 - 1:16 pm

An annoyed citizen files a 311 complaint about irresponsible dog owners along Border Street in East Boston: Read more.

By adamg - 12/15/23 - 2:47 pm

The condo association at One Dalton - the Back Bay tower that also includes a Four Seasons Hotel - today sued the owner of a 35th-floor unit they say has disregarded repeated entreaties and even fines to stop screaming, playing loud music and partying at all hours of the night. Read more.

By adamg - 11/20/23 - 2:56 pm

Two at-wit's-end citizens file 311 complaints about conditions in the North End.

Let's start with the screaming veteran suicide guy and the firecracker guys on Hanover Street: Read more.

By adamg - 11/18/23 - 3:59 pm

An outraged citizen filed a 311 complaint at 1:27 this morning about the situation at one apartment building on Fleet Street in the North End: Read more.

By adamg - 11/5/23 - 5:33 pm
What looks like a parking ticket is really a 'positive affirmation'

One of three photos posted with the complaint via Boston Reddit.

A perplexed citizen filed a 311 complaint today about the fake BTD parking ticket he or she got on Bromfield Street downtown today: Read more.

By adamg - 10/11/23 - 10:07 pm

A fed-up citizen files a 311 complaint about a motorcycle madman in the area of Massachusetts General Hospital: Read more.

By adamg - 9/29/23 - 12:07 pm

A peeved citizen files a 311 complaint about an incident on Wallingford Road in Brighton yesterday evening: Read more.

By adamg - 9/22/23 - 11:09 am
Phone with its own seat

Ginnette, who just had foot surgery, hobbled onto the Red Line this morning:

So your phone needs its own seat now?

By adamg - 9/11/23 - 10:27 am
Locked gate at Jeffries Point

The locked gate in question, as seen from the Porzio Park side.

An irritated citizen files a 311 complaint about an unneighborly neighbor in East Boston's Jeffries Point: Read more.

By adamg - 8/14/23 - 9:49 am

An irate citizen files a 311 complaint about angry, menacing food deliverers on scooters in the Back Bay: Read more.

By adamg - 8/7/23 - 1:41 pm

Northeastern Global News interviews Nicole Laffan, assistant clinical professor at Bouvé College of Health Sciences, who says the constant sound of pickleballs being hit is not enough to harm your hearing, although she allowed how it might drive you crazy, especially if you have a headache already. Read more.

By adamg - 4/29/23 - 2:25 pm

The khaki bois of Patriot Front parked in Brookline Hills and took the D Line into Copley Square to pretend they really care about the Satanic Temple, holding its annual convention at the Marriott. Read more.

By adamg - 4/28/23 - 5:19 pm

A group of about six people who are still whining about masks returned to the area in front of Boston Medical Center today to yell at people wearing masks through bullhorns and to follow and video hospital workers, some of whom they accused of being "abusers."

By adamg - 1/17/23 - 11:16 am

The Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council's Public Service Committee says the neighborhood needs more trash receptacle along Centre Street and the north side of Jamaica Pond because of slobs who can't hold onto their trash until they find one or get home, the Jamaica Plain Gazette reports.

By adamg - 8/29/22 - 1:01 pm

A fed-up citizen files a 311 complaint about the city courts on South Street in Jamaica Plain: Read more.

By adamg - 7/30/22 - 9:08 pm

Seth Mnookin expresses his outrage about what happened at the Sox game this afternoon:

Hey, adult white male w/blue baseball cap & goatee in row 5 section 17 of Fenway at today’s Red Sox game: it’s an all-time dick move to take the foul ball that hit my wife in the face instead of letting my kid have it. (I’m not at the game.)

By adamg - 6/12/22 - 6:04 pm

The Herald reports the T will try installing urine-detecting sensors in station elevators that will summon a cleaning crew on the double to clean the offending liquid - which not only can smell but but which can damage an elevator.

By adamg - 6/2/22 - 11:06 pm
Reddit golf comment urging US Open fans to park in Jamaica Plain

An increasingly concerned citizen files a 311 report urging Boston to do something now to protect Moss Hillers, pondsiders and other Jamaica Plain residents from an impending flood of US Open fans seeking free parking over the line from the Country Club in Brookline June 16-19: Read more.

By adamg - 4/19/22 - 11:13 am

A vexed North End citizen files a 311 complaint about all the bleepity-bleep beeping on Salem Street: Read more.

By adamg - 3/28/22 - 2:31 pm

With West Roxbury Municipal Court on alert, BPD will be monitoring sound levels outside Mayor Wu's Roslindale house when she leaves for work this week to ensure that if protesters keep showing up to call her names, they do it at low volume. Read more.

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