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A new method for handling complaints at the T?

Nomi recounts an issue she had this morning with her monthly Link Pass (she couldn't get in the station at first because the machine misread her card) - and her failed quest to try to get somebody at the T on the phone to let them know somebody at Harvard station was giving out incorrect information:

... Oy. I don't know what sorts of idiots they're hiring there," the phone person said. She then transfered me to the Automated Fare Collection office. Where I got someone's voicemail, so I left a message.

I then called the T's complaint line to complain about the disinformation that the (first) official at Harvard was passing on. And the line rang and rang and rang and rang, with no voice mail or human picking up. ...

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According to this morning's Metro, T customers can call or write to them directly any time. They don't need to read blogs about how, oh, this never seems to work.

Next thing you know, people would start expecting the T to handle things like rush hour and winter cold and other unexpected stuff they blame for fouling up.

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Ever see the movie "The Queen" where Buckingham Palace thought they were handling the death of Princess Diana in a way that would please their loyal subjects? Well the T is as clueless about their customers as The Queen was.

They really think they are doing a good job handling complaints.

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Nomi reports the T followed up with her, courteously and professionally:

... He then gave me the correct spelling of his last name and his direct office phone number and told me I should call him if I ever had another problem with the AFC system. He was also concerned that I had been unable to reach the T's complaint line and said he was going to look into that once he got off the phone with me (not that I expect any follow up on that, but he sounded very surprised that no one was manning those phones).

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