Pork buns

Adam Salsman asks:

Where does one get excellent pork buns in Boston?




Some answers via Twitter

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My favorite pork bun places

Taiwan Cafe
JoJo Taipei
Shanghai Gate
East By Northeast
Myers & Chang
Shanghai Social Club
DooWee & Rice (open with limited hours in its old Powderhouse Square location for a few more days, then moving to Wonder Bar in Allston)
Blue Dragon
Fugu Truck (in season)

Heard good things about Ginger Exchange near Symphony, but have not been yet.

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A food truck parked at Chinatown T …

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… called Meng's Kitchen. There's a food court at the Super 88 in Allston. Dumpling Café in Chinatown is damned fine, too.

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Dumpling Cafe is one of my favorites in Chinatown

But it doesn't serve pork buns. Its "mini juicy buns with pork" or "pork and crabmeat" are actually xiao long bao, a/k/a soup dumplings, and theirs are the best version in the neighborhood.

What most Americans mean by pork buns are the kind of gua bao (their Taiwanese name) popularized by David Chang at NYC's Momofuku Noodle Bar: braised or roasted pork belly in a sweetish sauce (often hoisin) with pickled vegetables, sometimes fresh chilies, and cilantro, wrapped up like a taco in fluffy steamed flour buns. Looks something like this: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-t1HnfSfSJQ8/TkuwL0ob3YI/AAAAAAAABz8/BsExmd1O-B...

The fancier, modern pan-Asian places in town like Myers & Chang and Shojo are knocking off Chang, but the traditional Taiwanese or Shanghainese version is just as tasty and a lot cheaper.

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