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Oh, rats: A composting question

Swachter writes:

I love the questions that living in Somerville brings up. Questions like, “Are squashed rats compostable?”



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But consider that they may have rat poison in their stomachs.

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Rat poison probably doesn't have appreciable effect on plants. I also really doubt it would survive microbial degradation, be taken up in plants, and remain in high enough quantities to pose any problem to anyone eating the vegetables.

EDIT: I guess there could still be rodenticides on the market that use heavy metals? Not sure.

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Rat poison kills rats’ predators, such as hawks. In the meantime, rats are becoming resistant to the poison.

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The thing you describe is obviously terrible, but I'm not sure how it relates.

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Simple. Before that rat gets to rot, creatures of opportunity may stop by for some easy protein.

Then die.

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stop feeding yor pets owtside.

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regardless of what kind of a pet or pets a person may own (be it a dog, a cat, or a bird), it's important to vacuum up or sweep up any pet food that's on the floor, and pitch it in the trash, in a tied-up plastic bag, as well. That, too, will at least minimize the chance of infestations of mice, rats, or any other type of vermin in one's dwelling, as well as outside.

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