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White supremacists

By adamg - 8/31/22 - 12:15 pm

A man who says police injured him in a rush to crush anti-fascist protesters at the conclusion of a white supremacist march through downtown has sued the city, state and Boston Police - and a Boston Municipal Court judge he says had him stripped of a religious covering and then refused to drop the charges against him despite a request to do so by the DA. Read more.

By adamg - 10/27/21 - 1:34 pm
Nazi at Dean Road and Beacon Street

The aging Hitlerjugend member/Confederate cosplayer who was heiling people at Beacon Street and Dean road yesterday was back at it this afternoon after the worst of the wind and rain had passed.

Shamus Moynihan forwarded these photos from somebody who spotted him this afternoon, but apparently, he's been there for awhile: Read more.

By adamg - 10/20/20 - 12:44 pm

The Boston Police Patrolmen's Association today called on its members to boycott a Lower Mills taco place whenever a particular bartender is on duty because of the way she tangled with cops while protesting white supremacists in Copley Square over the weekend. Only problem: She hasn't worked there since 2018. Read more.

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