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Jim's Big Ego

By amusings - 9/10/08 - 10:52 pm

So I know this guy Jim Infantino. I met him in the late 80s when I managed a coffee house and slummed around with folk musicians. Twenty years on, he's a band now called Jim's Big Ego (see http://www.bigego.com ) An ego so big it needs three people on stage to get all that amazing music out there. He's (They've) got a new album coming out, and I figured I'd share it here because there are some folks who will really totally dig his political message and the music.

By Ivana Moore-Enmoore - 1/18/07 - 12:28 pm

Get on the radio as part of this Sunday's audience participation event for "Radio With A View" at Jimmy Tingle's Off-Broadway Theater in Davis Square, Somerville. The event begins at 4:00 pm.

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