By - 10/15/17 - 5:58 pm
Patriots-loving stuffed moose

Besides all the Subarus parked outside, that is (good Lord, there are a lot of Subarus in Brattleboro): The Patriots gear is just a bit different.

By - 10/11/17 - 9:37 am

The Red Sox just announced:

John Farrell will not return as manager in 2018. A search for a new manager will begin immediately.

By - 10/9/17 - 5:21 pm

"Annie" (1982) - Tomorrow

At least we still get to root for Terry Francona.

By - 10/8/17 - 6:19 pm

Monty Python Not Dead Yet clip


By - 10/4/17 - 5:23 pm

David Harris at the Boston Business Journal tweets:

Boston makes short list of World Cup host cities

OK, not quite as bad as it sounds - Boston is part of the United 2026 bid, which would have games played in a series of venues across the US, Canada and Mexico. Still with Olympic-level kleptocracy, but not as rampantly soul-destroying as Boston 2024.

By - 9/29/17 - 1:45 pm

New England Revolution - Hat Act

There's a reason the Revolution started here, it seems.

By - 9/24/17 - 9:50 am

The Patriots owner and Brookline resident is deeply disappointed by the tone of the president's call for the banishment of any athletes who dare protest police brutality.

By - 9/7/17 - 9:36 pm
Bananas love the New England Patriots

This guy stood on the traffic island in Brighton Center early this evening, rooting on the Patriots, and, we suspect, settling a bet.

By - 9/6/17 - 2:19 pm

Isaiah Thomas writes about getting The Call from Danny Ainge.

People had these signs they made, and I can still see them: THIS IS FOR CHYNA. WE <3 ISAIAH. That sort of thing. Then they did a moment of silence, the whole arena, in Chyna’s honor. And it was like … man. I just realized, in that moment, that I didn’t need the court to shield me. I didn’t need to block it all out, and pretend I wasn’t grieving. I didn’t have to be alone in this. The whole arena was right there with me. Honestly, it felt like the whole city of Boston was with me.

By - 9/5/17 - 10:21 pm


Numbers guy Nate Silver has apologized for trying to meme-slam the Red Sox over the Apple-Watch spying thing with a photo that he didn't realize included Henry Richard, the brother of Martin Richard, who was murdered during the 2013 Marathon bombings. Read more.

By - 9/5/17 - 7:48 pm

The New York Times reports on the innovative way the Sox allegedly used Apple watches.

By - 8/23/17 - 3:56 pm
Isaiah Thomas sign in Cambridge

Valerie Vande Panne noticed Mr. Bartley's in Harvard Square asking about the whereabouts of the now former Celtic.

By - 8/5/17 - 9:47 am

The Herald tracks down the kid in Matt Stone's instant classic Fenway photo.

Some other reactions: Read more.

By - 8/2/17 - 8:59 am

The announcer has no interest in a one-on-one with the pitcher.

By - 8/1/17 - 9:46 am
Couple together since 1961 at Fenway Park

Marla M. spotted this pair of lovebirds at Fenway Park last night.

Copyright Marla M. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.

By - 6/18/17 - 10:11 am

Joy of Sox recounts the Gamblers' Riot, 100 years ago today.

By - 6/9/17 - 9:29 am

Joy of Sox found the joy of watching a Sox game drain away last night and not just because of what happened on the field: NESN added a sidebar to the screen that featured not just game info but regular old news as well, making their telecast look like a Web site from 2003. Read more.