Copley Square

By - 9/30/10 - 8:35 am

Presumably, there's a good reason the Boylston Street fountain was full of bubbles this morning.

Ryan Fox, who took the photo, reports Parks workers were on the scene around 8:30 a.m.:

They're hosing it down now, foam across the lawn and in the trees.

By - 9/17/10 - 11:39 am

The Globe reports on the return of the filigreed portal to the Copley Green Line stop by the BPL, now being uncovered after renovations.

By - 8/2/10 - 3:32 pm

The old owner, Fairmont, will stay on to manage the place, reports.

By - 7/25/10 - 1:36 pm

Scooterdude updates us on the impending arrival of his new multi-colored, professional-grade sail.

By - 7/22/10 - 10:57 am

TKOG reports that when she saw a bunch of smirky teens videoing what appeared to be a struggle between a mother and her mentally ill daughter at the BPL main library in Copley Square, she took action:

By - 7/13/10 - 5:04 pm

VelhoVelhoThe MBTA reports a Charlestown man was arrested for allegedly grabbing a woman's behind at Community College on the Orange Line on July 8 and that a Brighton man was arrested at Copley this morning for allegedly rubbing against a woman from behind on a B trolley - and then pinning her in and continuing to grind away.

In the Orange Line incident, John Velho, 36, allegedly grabbed a woman's buttocks around 6 p.m. on July 8, then immediately apologized. But he allegedly then followed the woman onto the platform, where she reported him to an inspector, who responded by ordering a halt to Orange Line service and calling police. Velho then fled from the station, the MBTA says, adding Velho was arrested today on a charge of indecent assault and battery.

By - 6/27/10 - 10:15 am

Bench man

Ed Hatfield photographed this man in Copley Square.

Copyright Ed Hatfield. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.

By - 5/15/10 - 11:09 pm

The Riverside downtime was apparently scheduled. The downed wire on the B line at Kenmore, though? On the weekend that BU is graduating? Totally unplanned, natch. Totally chaotic as the T brought in buses for service between Copley and Kenmore - with extra bus service for B riders to Blandford. Take a look at the scene in Copley around 9 p.m.

By - 5/4/10 - 5:03 pm


City Hall grows tired of whining about library cuts and demonstrates its resolve in Copley Square today.

Or maybe some Marines were showing off their weapons as part of Marine Week.

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MBTA Inspector Tariq Muhammad exercised great restraint when an out-of-control white guy began cursing him out and then took a swing at him at a T stop on April 1.

Muhammad did two tours with the Army in Iraq - where he served as an MP. And he's kept up with his martial arts training. But in an interview today, he said that when the man, identified as Daniel Jourdet, 52, of Lynn, punched him at the inbound Copley platform on the Green Line, he decided he'd only make things worse if he responded in kind.

By - 4/21/10 - 8:06 pm

JourdetDaniel Jourdet, 52, of Lynn will be arraigned tomorrow on charges he's the guy captured on video yelling racial epithets at an MBTA worker before smashing him in the head on April 1 at the Copley Square stop on the Green Line.

By - 4/18/10 - 1:50 pm

Back on October 28, LC tweeted:

homeless man jumped trnstyl #Copley inbound #greenline 520pm, called MBTA CSR racial epithets, wacko had dot accent, mentally ill

Sarah Hopp, meanwhile, tweets:

Pretty sure the racist MBTA attacker is a schizophrenic vet-I've run into him before & he seems mentally ill; needs hospital.

Video of the April 1 attack on a T worker at Copley:

By - 4/17/10 - 2:06 pm

Channel 4 reports T police are looking for the white guy who repeatedly called a worker at Copley station a "nigger" before smashing him in the head on April 1, now that the video has gone public and the worker does want to press charges.

By - 4/16/10 - 8:55 pm

UPDATE: Police now want to find the guy.

The Herald reports on an April 1 incident at Copley station on the Green Line (video possibly NSFW due to language):

By - 4/3/10 - 9:50 am

Sam Baltrusis reports the film crews at the BPL main branch today are from "Boston's Finest," which may or may not become a show on ABC. He also runs down all the other TV and movie scenes filmed at the main branch.

By - 3/28/10 - 1:51 pm

Kid wants his books

Supporters of BPL branch libraries marched to protest possible library closings today outside the main branch in Copley Square.

BPL protest at main branch

The march ended with a walk through the old and new wings of the library.

Courtyard marching

By - 2/26/10 - 8:57 am

Dead umbrellas

Oh, the humanity! Copley Square turned into a battlefield last night as wind and umbrellas clashed - and wind proved the better, leaving the square littered with the detritus of its vanquished foes. Oddjob photographed the carnage (click for far more photos).

Copyright Oddjob. Tagged as universalhub on Flickr.

By - 2/3/10 - 2:39 pm

I assume that's what the error message on the pay toilet outside the BPL main branch in Copley Square means. But then, I'm a Web geek, so I would think that. Fortunately, both toilets and WiFi await inside the building.

By - 1/6/10 - 6:09 pm

Kath B. captured the moment of impact during an impromptu snowball fight in front of Trinity Church yesterday afternoon.