By - 2/23/09 - 9:38 am
creepy elevator

BehindDarkEyes captures a creepy elevator in Brighton.

By - 2/19/09 - 4:02 pm
Half a snitch

A man given immunity in exchange for testifying at the trials of two men charged with killing cab driver Heureur Previlon will have a year behind bars to think about why he then refused to take the stand in the two cases, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office says.

A Suffolk County Superior Court judge twice found Phillip J. Williams guilty of contempt of court for refusing to testify in the murder trials of Cleveland Martin - found guilty of killing Previlon in December - and Jashawn Robinson - acquitted this month.

Prosecutors say information from Williams proved critical in tracking Martin and Robinson to Virgina following the 2005 murder for money. Facing a trespassing charge, Williams told investigators he had talked to the pair by phone; his cell-phone records led police to the two defendants. But even after being granted immunity, he refused to sing at either trial. So now his present stay in prison on a Bristol County gun conviction will be extended a year.

Suffolk County DA Dan Conley called him a worm:

"This defendant helped investigators catch his friends not because it was the right and moral thing to do, but to get out from under a minor offense. Once they went to trial, he withheld powerful evidence from two juries for no reason but to stymie the justice system. He's served only himself every step of the way. It's despicable – and contemptible."

By - 2/11/09 - 1:43 pm

A Suffolk Superior Court jury today acquitted Jashawn Robinson, 22, of Brighton, of fatally stabbing Brookline cab driver Heureur Previlon in 2005, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

In December, another Suffolk jury found Cleveland "Sleazy" Martin guilty on a first-degree murder charge for Previlon's death.

In both cases, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office charged that Robinson and Martin called up a Brookline cab company - knowing that Brookline cabs did not use bullet-proof separators behind the drivers - for a death ride from Cleveland Circle to Monastery Road in Brighton. Prosecutors charged they even got into the cab with knives with aluminum wrapped around the handles to prevent fingerprints, and that once they got to a parking lot near St. Elizabeth's, they stabbed Previlon to death and then took refuge in the nearby apartment of Martin's girlfriend.

Robinson is not through with court - he faces a separate assault-and-battery case in Boston Municipal Court.

By - 1/30/09 - 9:47 pm

Wicked Local Allston/Brighton reports a man was mugged at knifepoint around 11:30 p.m. on Jan. 20 at the Allston Street T stop.

By - 1/30/09 - 9:43 pm

Wicked Local Allston/Brighton reports that when a woman stormed out of Roggie's New Age Brew and Grille, 356 Chestnut Hill Ave. after an argument with her boyfriend, when she returned, the guy was talking to a female BC student, and then "grabbed the BC student by the hair, pulled her onto the ground and kicked her in the chest."

By - 1/29/09 - 8:53 pm

Old TV If you were driving around Sutherland Road in Cleveland Circle today and spotted a forlorn, ancient-looking television by the curb, Brad Kayal will explain its story:

I moved to Boston in the spring of 2001 and didn't really know anyone in this city. I also lived in a 200 square foot basement studio apartment in Mission Hill and attracting any visitors was kind of tough.

So, to pass some time that first summer I bought this old and broken 1949 Admiral television set on eBay to fix up. It was salvaged from an old radio and TV repair shop in Connecticut that burned down and was in pretty bad shape. I spent over a week sanding and refinishing it and then refitted it with a slightly more modern CRT tube and chassis. This 1949 Admiral became my first working television in Boston. ...

Alas, the years were not kind to the old Admiral ...

By - 1/28/09 - 6:00 pm

Boston College seems to think so - it's going to bus students to a BRA meeting Thursday afternoon at which board members are expected to vote on the school's 10-year expansion plan in Brighton.

By - 1/18/09 - 10:18 pm
City Hall in the snow

From the hard edges of City Hall to the soft contours of the hills of Brighton, BehindDarkEyes made the snowfall her beat today.

Brighton in the snow

Copyright 2009 BehindDarkEyes.

By - 1/16/09 - 3:33 pm

The Bulletin reports it's a particular issue in Allston/Brighton, which has a relatively large Jewish population, but that police are keeping a closer eye on institutions across the city.

By - 1/11/09 - 2:01 pm

Boston Police report arresting an alleged shotgun-toting 18-year-old in his 64 Mapleton St. apartment early Saturday morning:

Upon entering the location, officers learned that the shot fired emanated from the 3rd floor. Upon reaching the 3rd floor, officers made their way to a locked bedroom door. Officers proceeded to knock on the door until it was answered. When it was answered, the suspect told officers, “They were trying to kill me.” According to the suspect, he was attending a party on the 1st floor of the location when he bumped into an individual with whom he had had a prior altercation. In short time, the suspect says that he and the individual began arguing again. The suspect then stated that the individual and two of his friends chased him upstairs to his apartment. Once inside his apartment, the suspect says he ran into his bedroom, locked the door and grabbed the shotgun to defend himself. As he was grabbing the shotgun, the suspect says the gun discharged accidentally.

Anthony Inzoda, 18, of Brighton, was charged with the unlawful possession of a sawed off shotgun, unlawful possession of ammunition, discharging a firearm within 500 feet of a dwelling and unlawfully carrying a loaded firearm.

Innocent, etc.

By - 1/8/09 - 9:19 am

Don Martelli reports that when he got to Wellington this morning, he found "major delays" on the Orange Line, which he didn't expect since he didn't get any e-mail or text messages from the T before he left home:

Check my email. Check my blackberry. No messages.

Major FAIL MBTA. Major.

Ryan: Orange line is an absolute disaster this morning.

StevenMB is not much happier out in Brighton. He tweets:

Waited 45 min for MBTA 501 bus that runs every 7.

By - 1/7/09 - 11:53 pm

Channel 7 reports six people were injured when a motorist cut off an ambulance at Allston and Kelton streets around 4 p.m.

By - 1/7/09 - 10:57 am

BehindDarkEyes photographed the ad-hoc sign somebody put up in the elevator in her Brighton apartment building the other day - before somebody else took it down.

By - 12/21/08 - 4:14 pm
Snow meanie

BehindDarkEyes captured Brighton's portliest snowman (more of her Brighton snow photos).

By - 12/19/08 - 12:09 am

Wicked Local Allston/Brighton reports a woman was pushed to the ground, kicked, then robbed of her handbag and cell phone around 3:15 p.. on Dec. 13 at 1515 Commonwealth Ave. Luis Pimentel of Brighton arrested.

Innocent, etc.

By - 12/16/08 - 4:54 pm

A Suffolk Superior Court jury today convicted Cleveland "Sleazy" Martin of first-degree murder for the death of Brookline cabbie Heureur Previlon in 2005, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

By - 12/11/08 - 11:34 am

Wicked Local Allston/Brighton reports on the latest arrest of an alleged Asian gal-for-hire, at a Comm. Ave. apartment on Dec. 2.

Also click to read about an adult "sleepover" on Washington Street that allegedly got out of hand and resulted in the arrest of five people whose ages seem to indicate they're well past their college expiration dates.

By - 12/5/08 - 6:18 pm

Two years ago, the Punchdrunk theatrical company created a highly unusual production of Faust in an abandoned five-story London warehouse.

Are they bringing it to Boston? Looks that way, based on these extensive sets of Flickr photos of the abandoned Circle Cinemas. [A hat-tip to "DBrenson/br91975" at CinemaTreasures for pointing out the photo sets.]

By - 12/4/08 - 9:24 pm

Wicked Local Allston/Brighton reports a woman working at Brighton Towing, 100 Hano St., was punched over and over by a man who refused to pay a $40 fee for a battery jump on his car there.

By - 12/4/08 - 9:53 am

Wicked Local Allston/Brighton reports that when a young couple on Shephard Street got into a fight over how to organize their pantry, the girl, 18, threw all the guy's stuff into the driveway and then, when they started yelling about that, she threw bleach at him and sliced him with a knife.

If you click, you'll also see an item suggesting that some people just aren't ready to live with other people, period.