East Boston

By - 4/7/13 - 12:38 pm

Blue Line service was shut around 10:15 a.m. to let Boston firefighters remove a woman from under a train. A T spokesman said the woman was alive when extricated, adds, "She did not fall. She was not pushed."

By - 4/4/13 - 11:30 pm

The Boston Fire Department reports a fire called in at 5:36 p.m. at 96 Chelsea St. did an estimated $200,000.

Two firefighters were taken to Mass. General, the department says, adding five of the building's six apartments were unoccupied to allow for renovations.

The cause remains under investigation.

By - 4/4/13 - 3:13 pm

UPDATE, 4:30 p.m. The T reports regular service has resumed.

The T is warning Blue Line passengers to expect "significant delays" this afternoon following a train slipping off the rails at Orient Heights.

MBTA spokesman Joe Pesaturo reports the train was moving from the Orient Heights train yard onto the main tracks around 2:40 p.m., so it wasn't carrying any passengers. The T has... Read more

By - 4/1/13 - 6:53 pm

The East Boston Times-Free Press reports on the return of the lit hillside cross.

By - 3/31/13 - 10:08 am

Boston Police report Pericola's, 11 Bennington St., was held up by two men with guns and plastic handcuffs around 2:30 p.m. yesterday:

On arrival, officers spoke with victim, who stated two males wearing all dark clothing and black masks, walk into his place of business. The victim stated he thought they were friends playing a prank on him until they displayed a firearm.

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By - 3/28/13 - 7:43 pm

The Globe reports Vornado Realty Trust, which left a giant gaping sore in the heart of downtown, is pulling out of the Suffolk Downs casino proposal because state officials dared to ask it for detailed financial information on its executives, to make sure they aren't actually organized crime figures or illegal ivory importers or something.... Read more

By - 3/19/13 - 6:21 pm

If a casino comes to Boston, it will arrive with the full-throated support of Boston's mayor and East Boston's city counselor, representative, and senator. Our local leaders – including those who grew up here and know Eastie the best – risked everything they'd helped East Boston become and threw their support behind the statewide casino bill and the idea of expanded gambling at Suffolk Downs.... Read more

By - 3/14/13 - 6:52 pm

Boston Police report a would-be robber who fled a Meridian Street Mobil station empty handed when the clerk started yelling at him is wanted for at least eight other holdups in Chelsea, Everett and Lynn since the beginning of February.

The man - black, middle aged, wearing a gray hoodie, a... Read more

By - 3/8/13 - 9:12 pm
Robber acts like he has a gun. Surveillance photo via BPD.Robber acts like he has a gun. Surveillance photo via BPD. Boson Police report a clerk at the ExxonMobil station at 470 Meridian St. was scared,... Read more
By - 3/7/13 - 9:28 pm

The Boston Fire Department's arson squad is investigating a first-floor fire at 170 Maverick St., reported around 9 p.m. that sent a woman to the hospital with serious burns. The Red Cross estimates 45 people were briefly displaced by the fire before being allowed back into their homes.... Read more

By - 3/6/13 - 8:51 am

mit·i·ga·tion /?mit?'gaSH?n/ (noun) - The action of reducing the severity, seriousness or painfulness of something

As you read this, a committee hand-picked by Mayor Menino is behind closed doors figuring out how much Caesars and Suffolk Downs will have to pay the city back for building a casino that sucks income from local businesses while increasing its crime, traffic, pollution and gambling addiction rates. It's... Read more

By - 3/3/13 - 9:31 am

The Boston Licensing Board last week gave Cafe Gigu, 102 Meridian St., permission to stay open until 1 a.m.

The cafe had previously had to shut at 9:30 p.m. Owner Gina Guerrero told the board she'd been getting increasing number of requests from customers for a place where they could unwind later or even hold business meetings.

The mayor's office supported the general idea,... Read more

By - 3/1/13 - 1:54 pm

Join Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders at our annual Summer Party held outside in the heart of Provincetown, MA on Saturday, July 27 from 4:00-7:00PM. Enjoy the view of the harbor, mingle with other GLAD supporters and learn more about our ground-breaking cases.

Tickets are $75 online | $85 on site | $30 student
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Don't miss our amazing auction... Read more

By - 2/27/13 - 3:30 pm

Boston Police report five street holdups in the Maverick area between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. since last Thursday.

In all of the cases, victims were approached by two or more men, who then relieved them of their cash and, if they have them, cell phones. In two cases, the robbers wore black and white bandanas; also in two cases, the robbers displayed handguns.... Read more

By - 2/19/13 - 9:01 am

A pair of alleged thieves in East Boston proved no match for the mettle of Boston and Chelsea coppers, who arrested them on charges they stole galvanized steel from an East Boston marina.

Allegedly unfortunately for Bryan Narbonne, 27, of Braintree, and local boy Brandon Ferris, 27, somebody noticed them breaking into the White Marine yard Saturday morning and then loading a U-Haul truck with... Read more

By - 2/16/13 - 7:40 pm

At least as of 6:30 p.m., no Snow Emergency or Parking Ban has been declared in Boston.

The news is unlikely to please either the East Boston resident who filed a formal complaint asking for action against somebody who "moved our space saver and stole our shoveled spot" or the person in Dorchester who filed a formal complaint asking for action against... Read more

By - 2/14/13 - 1:31 pm

CommonWealth reports not only is volume up on the Silver Line into the city - for which Massport says it will eventually pay so riders don't have to - but it's up on the Silver Line to the airport, for which people still have to pay.

By - 2/12/13 - 4:39 pm

Five Massport workers were arrested today on charges they took bribes from cab drivers seeking to evade the airport's normal queue for passengers, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office, State Police and Massport announced.

Officials say the five "cab starters" let cabbies who slipped them $20 to $40 jump ahead of other drivers - although they add some of the five accepted scratch tickets, cigarettes... Read more

By - 2/12/13 - 9:18 am

Boston Police report they are looking for a guy who broke into a residence at Murray Court and Orleans Street early Monday morning.

Police say two women were asleep around 4:45 a.m.:

The residents were awoken by a suspect who was standing in their bed room. The suspect indecently touched both female victims who awoke and the suspect fled out a window. The

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