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Haggis not so scary

A Boston Food Diary reports on a trip to the Haven, the new haggis place in Jamaica Plain:

... The presentation was absolutely gorgeous - the plump "sausage" sitting in the middle of a beautiful bowl of neeps, accented with lemon zest and chopped parsley. Again - I have never had Haggis before so I wasn't sure what to expect, but the inside was surprisingly un scary - the internal lamb resembled ground beef, and was very lightly seasoned. ...

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I always hear people talking about how gross haggis is, but really it's no worse than hotdogs or sausages. I had it when I was in Scotland and it actually struck me as a perfect drunk food. Delicious, warm, soaks up all that alcohol in your system ;)

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"I thought we could go check out that new haggis restaurant..."

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Only if you paint your face blue, wear a skirt and start hurling racist and sexist rants.
(Anyone notice that those tapes of Mel sound a lot like his performance in "The Bounty" -- "I am in Helllllll!")

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