A member of my tribe runs the Marathon

Yeah, sure, most of the people running the Marathon today had your basic boring running outfits on. But then there were the outliers, like the Cat in the Hat and Minnie Mouse (safely separated by a couple miles):

A real joker:

His roots would be showing, if he had any:

Imagine running 26 miles and change carrying an American flag:

Guess Don didn't bring his cell phone:



That's a lot of runners:




Free tagging: 


Love the tie!

By Lorianne on

That's what I yelled as the Nerd Guy passed, and he nodded. I'm glad someone got his picture, as well as the Jester. I saw both of them but didn't snap a picture in time.

I did manage to get a shot of Minnie Mouse as well as a full-body shot of the guy with pink hair.

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Runners with Flags

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The guys carrying the flags are super impressive. Those things are heavy (after 20 miles or so) and awkward, and to add that to what's already a tough run is incredible.

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