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Boston Marathon

By adamg - 4/15/24 - 11:07 pm

WBZ reports on the man's plunge at 72 Gardner St. in the GAP area mainly occupied by BU students.

By adamg - 4/15/24 - 9:13 pm

The mayor's office and the BAA announced the fastest man, woman and non-binary runners in today's Marathon: Miles Batty, an MGH orthopedic surgery resident from West Roxbury who finished in 2:25, Ariana Maida, a Dana-Farber physician's assistant from Jamaica Plain, who completed the course in 2:48:50 and Nonie Anderson, a BC Law School student from Brighton, whose time was 3:44:18. Read more.

By adamg - 4/15/24 - 2:31 pm
Two people holidng signs alerting runners they are faster than the Green Line

Martin Lieberman noticed a developing theme among signs people held to cheer on the runners today. Another example.

Hugmajesty watched the runners rolling by near Cleveland Circle: Read more.

By adamg - 4/15/24 - 9:39 am
Kent Street crossing closed

A roving UHub photographer reports from Beacon Street at Kent Street in Brookline, where the Green Line stop was supposed to remain open until 10 a.m., but which was closed at 8:40 a.m. Read more.

By adamg - 4/13/24 - 12:52 pm

Boston Marathon Display 2024

Chris Hugenberger shows us his Marathonned house on Albano Street in Roslindale.

Also see: Mrs. Mallard and her ducklings are ready.

By adamg - 4/12/24 - 9:36 am
White people can create balloon tunnels; Black people get blocked by cops on bikes

From the complaint: White people can create balloon tunnels; Black people get blocked by bike cops.

A group of Black women who tried to cheer on Black Marathon runners yesterday sued Newton and the BAA to demand they not be physically separated from runners like they say they were during last year's Boston Marathon. Read more.

By adamg - 4/11/24 - 2:18 pm

Ari Ofsevit, who reports he missed qualifying for the Boston Marathon this year by 24 seconds, provides details of what he calls the MBTA's "somewhat impressive" service additions for Monday.

By adamg - 4/9/24 - 12:45 pm

Boston will get its annual pre-Marathon background nuclear radiation check Thursday through Monday, s o that's why you'll see (and hear) a blue and white copter flying loud and low over downtown and the Marathon route and downtown Boston - like 150 feet up at 80 m.p.h.

By adamg - 4/8/24 - 1:03 pm
Workers erecting scaffolding at the Boston Marathon finish line

Handmaid captured some workers today erecting the viewing stands at the Boston Marathon finish line on Boylston Street for next week's annual race.

By adamg - 5/22/23 - 3:15 pm

Steve Burton reports that Rick Hoyt, who became famous as an annual Marathon participant pushed by his father, died in his sleep this morning at age 61. Dick Hoyt died in 2021.

By adamg - 4/17/23 - 10:27 pm

The mayor's office and the BAA report Vinny Castronuovo, who finished the race in 2:25:56, and Shannon Lamarre, who finished the race in 2:54:34, will get Boston's first honors for the fastest Bostonian runners in the Marathon. Read more.

By adamg - 4/13/23 - 9:17 pm

While Boston University is urging students not to OD on borgs, Boston College is sending a sterner message to it students about their behavior during the Marathon - especially on the streets of Brighton and Newton.

In e-mail today, BC officials say: Read more.

By adamg - 4/13/23 - 10:38 am
The helicopter that will fly along the Marathon route

The helicopter you might see - and hear.

In what has become an annual tradition, the National Nuclear Security Administration will fly a helicopter low - and loud - along the Boston Marathon route Friday and over the weekend. Read more.

By adamg - 4/13/23 - 9:41 am

BU Today is urging students to play it smarter than the kids at UMass Amherst and realize that mixing Gatorade with vodka in a gallon milk jug does not protect you from getting so dead drunk you have to be transported to the hospital.

But if you insist on borging, but you shouldn't, for God's sake don't mix coffee into the swill; that just makes things worse, BU Student Health Services says.

By adamg - 4/6/23 - 1:13 pm

Bill Speros reports the state Gaming Commission today blocked a bid by one of the companies now inundating the local airways and your brain with online-betting ads to let you bet on the outcome of the Marathon this year, in part because the company didn't bother to ask the BAA about it.

By adamg - 4/18/22 - 11:25 pm
2022 Boston Marathon runners

Photographynatalia captured Boston Marathon runners, including Sophia Barbosa

Copyright Photographynatalia. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.

By adamg - 4/18/22 - 8:26 pm

WBZ reports: "I did it for both of us."

By adamg - 4/13/22 - 10:04 pm
Nuclear-sensing helicopter near the R2-D2 building in the Back Bay

Mark Clancy scored a great shot of the National Nuclear Security Administration helicopter today as it flew over part of the Marathon route to take in background radiation levels just in case something happens where that might become important to know.

The copter crew does this every year in the days before the race.

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