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Citizen complaint of the day: Todd English and his stupid valet parking spaces

A fed-up Charlestown resident complains about the spaces outside Olives in City Square that are still marked for valet parking only.

The residents of Charlestown have had enough of Todd English Valet Zone that has been idle for more than a year. Please return these spots to general use until he gets his act together!!!

Celebrichef Todd EnglishThe Boston Licensing Board voted today to hold a cancellation hearing on Olives' liquor license for Sept. 13 - which basically sets that date as the deadline for English to re-open the place or risk having his valuable liquor license pulled (and then given to somebody else). Olives has been shut since a grease fire in May, 2010.

At a hearing on Tuesday, at which the celebrichef swore to tell the truth (left), he and his contractors said their massive interior demolition project is well under way, that it should be finished within four weeks and that construction - including a major new smoke duct system required by fire officials - should be done within eight weeks after that.

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If they take away the valet spaces, all he has to do is put a chair in each one to reclaim them.

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Dude, you still have 25 minutes before you can use my excuse for typos!

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