On the harbor, concern for people who live on boats

Alice C.Ahoy! Anybody home?

The Boston Police harbor unit plans special checks of the boats in which several dozen people may be living to make sure they're prepared for Sandy.

Police say fulltime harbor denizens are concentrated in marinas in Charlestown and East Boston. Yesterday afternoon, during a patrol with several members of the local media, a BPD boat pulled aside the Alice C., moored off Rowes Wharf, whose owner is one of the harbor's veteran residents. They hailed him twice. Nobody answered back, though, so they moved on.

Police urged people with sailboats moored in the harbor to make sure everything is battened down and mooring lines in good shape. One person who won't have to worry is John Henry - his behemoth yacht Iroquois is no longer berthed at Rowes Wharf - presumably it's sailed to safer (and no doubt warmer) waters.

Making sure things are secure.Making sure things are secure.

He covers the waterfront in BPD patrol boat.He covers the waterfront in BPD patrol boat.




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