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Globe Poll: Golar Richie surges into 2nd

The ever tightening race for Boston Mayor has taken a new twist as Former State Representative and Former Menino and Deval Patrick Lieutenant Charlotte Golar Richie has surged into 2nd place in a new Boston Globe Poll conducted by the University of New Hampshire with a plus or minus 4.8% margin of error.

Of course the Boston Globe doesn't specify the number of voters polled or provide the demographics of those polled by including important information such as whether those polled had cell phones or landlines. But what do you expect from a major newspaper that is going out of business right before our very eyes.

To see the results, click here.



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When are you (not you posting as anon, which is cowardly according to you) going to tell us what happened in the Sherriff Tompkins hearing? You advertised it all over the place but you've been strangely silent since the hearing. By the way your juvenile sign at the corner of Neponset and Victory has weeds growing in front of it. Nice image.

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"Corrupt" Steve Tompkins as Doug refers to him on his Twitter feed? You see, Doug, in his usual idiotic style, likes to call people names without having the brains or the class to explain why.

This would explain why Doug, king of the carpetbaggers, likes to call people who disagree with him carpetbaggers and racists, while he never explains why they're carpetbaggers and racists. Just what we've come to expect from a man with the maturity level of a three year old. So, Doug, you refer to Sheriff Tompkins as corrupt, care to explain why he's corrupt or are rational people expected to thinks he's corrupt based on the opinion of a psycho nut job like yourself? Please feel free to reply as any of your aliases either. You can be "Roslindale Ronnie" or "democraticmassachusetts" or plain old anon (not verified), whichever you prefer.

And you wonder why Doug was kicked off of the Yack board...

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No wonder about being kicked off Yackon..all you had to do was follow what he did and the responses to those on the blog...he deserved it..

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I don't know how many of you follow Doug's Twitter feed, but sometimes it makes his antics here pale in comparison.

Today, in fact, a Middlesex Deputy Sheriff had the temerity to ask Doug why his signs say "Vote for Sheriff Bennett" when he is not the Sheriff. Doug's reply was that he was copying Linda Dorcena Forry's signs . Now Ms. Dorcena Ferry's signs simply say that she's running for state senate,not that she is the state Senator, unlike Doug's moronic signs they do not give the impression that she was the Senator at the time where Doug's try to infer that he's already the Sheriff.

Then of course our intrepid candidate with the maturity level of a three year old had to ask the CO this little bon mot:

I know you're a Middlesex Deputy Sheriff, but why is your twitter feed congested with pornography? & Do u beat your inmates too?

Yes, that's what you want to say to one of the CO's you're claiming you're going to be looking out for and who I'm sure is telling the other CO's what an intelligent and cogent response Dougie gave to his question and how he'll make a great Sheriff!!

Further inspection of Doug's Twitter feed the shows him once again calling the incumbent Sheriff corrupt with only his ridiculous video of him harassing store owners as evidence of Tompkins alleged "corruption".

Does anyone here really think this belligerent, moronic hack has a shot at any kind of elected office anywhere? And secondly, would you buy a house or rent an apartment from this psychopath?

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