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Menino says "No I won't go..." to Walsh

Outgoing Mayor Thomas Menino has publically said he will not attend Mayor-Elect Martin Walsh's Inauguration on January 6, 2014. Instead Menino will meet Walsh privately earlier that morning for a private handoff of power. Menino states that the reason why he will miss the inauguration is because he is going on vacation.

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Thanks for posting this story that everyone knows about already. But you have some explaining to do about your buddy Charles Clemons and your lies about his lack of license. See you previous posts from a few days ago if you forget.
Fan Darnkoff

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First your platform idea of removing illegal guns from the county is illegal because Sheriff's in Massachusetts do not have the statutory authority to do so.

Second your plan to get soon to be released inmates upon the end of their incarceration jobs in local government is just wrong both financially and logistically. Financially governments do not pay taxes there for the tax breaks that would benefit the people who hire these people in non government jobs would not be fully utilized. Logistically it's wrong because people who work in government are subject to a back round check which considering that they would be fresh out of the system you would be setting them up to fail. Not to mention that people with out criminal records my find this program to be very displeasing. On top of that enough people think that government workers are criminals already for one reason or another don't throw gas on that fire.

Finally your idea of having "Crime Deterrence Posse" as defined by your web page for your campaign for sheriff has to be the most reckless idea I've heard. The fact that's still up there is so condescending in the post Zimmerman trial world. Look you can't give civilians legal authority like that. It could end up getting Sheriff's office sued if one of these people overstepped their bounds and to say that it wouldn't cost the tax payers any money is impossible because unless you yourself are running it which i doubt you will. You are going to have to have an Deputy from the Sheriff's office do it and trust me they are not going to do it for free.

For all those who read this notice that two of these three policy ideas have nothing to do with inmates. The rehabilitation and reintegration of inmates is the chief responsibility of the Sheriff's of the Commonwealth Of Massachusetts. NOT CRIME PREVENTION! We have POLICE for that. As we all saw this past spring they are pretty damn good at what they do!

Thank You for your time.

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While I enjoy your posts and please continue, Doug will never respond to you. You are, first off, a real corrections officer, secondly, you're a person with a brain, something Doug lacks.

What Doug seems to believe, in yet another manifestation of his bizarre love/hate relationship with Mayor Menino, is that Menino is snubbing Walsh, when Menino has already been quoted saying it's Walsh's day,not his. And if Walsh and Menino don't like each other, who really gives a fuck? What seems to bother Doug is that get the fuck away from me look in Menino's eyes and that sideways look he got from Mumbles at that time Doug obviously had the balls to crash. After all, Doug did file an ethics complaint against Menino in 2009, then he has the balls to act like they're buddies? Menino has been quoted as calling Doug Bennett an "interloper" in a quote from a 2008 WBUR piece on Bennett, so we all know how Mumbles feels about ole Dougie!

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I jumped the gun (no pun intended) here with my posting here. I said that the sheriff doesn't have the statutory authority to remove illegal guns from the county. I was partly right and wrong. The sheriff does have the authority to remove guns that are illegal. But only if a search warrant or arrest warrant must be issued in most instances that a sheriff or their deputy for them remove the weapons. As for the likely hood of a sheriffs office receiving such permission is highly uncommon in the commonwealth. So your platform idea is still moronic!

Thank You and have a nice day.

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