Big rig on little highway

Big truck on Storrow Drive

Alex Jones captured the noontime scene on Storrow Drive outbound, notes that at least the driver was alert enough to avoid getting storrowed by an overpass.



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another entry for the Boston Traffic Engineer's Handbook

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How did the truck get there?

Assuming that truck couldn't have fit under the Longfellow, they had to have entered at the Berkeley Street onramp.

The ramp itself has decent height warning signs (assuming they weren't knocked down by an earlier truck):

But here's the top-notch lack of signage at Beacon and Berkeley: . Nowhere does it say that turning right essentially leads to a highway onramp, let alone one with a very low height restriction. (And just to make things slightly more confusing, the Berkeley street sign is two parking spaces before the corner.)

It would mean the loss of an excellent Boston driving puzzle if they put this sign facing Beacon traffic:

Storrow Drive
No Trucks

Coming up Berkeley, at least someone thought to put this "No Trucks" sign up: . Unfortunately it's small and up in the trees, and doesn't explain where trucks can and can't go.

Where's the challenge if they put up a sign on Berkeley saying "All trucks must turn left at Beacon Street", and then at the corner of Beacon, "<- All Trucks"?

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Not to bring CT into this for no reason, but...

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CT has figured this out for the Merritt (not depicted here because... um...).

Why not adapt signs like this to our purposes?

IMAGE(<a href="">

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