City in the clouds

Fog over Boston Harbor

At the Charlestown Navy Yard shortly before 7 p.m., Brian Q. tried to see downtown through all the fog.

A number of other folks also watched the fog as it rolled in from the ocean and across Boston Harbor and downtown, no doubt caused by the combination of rapidly rising temperatures after the storm had passed.




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I biked from the seaport to

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I biked from the seaport to Cambridge around 9 last night. It was 10 degrees cooler at South Station than Government Center, cool again for the Longfellow, and then warmer in to Cambridge. Welcome to spring in Boston.

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There's "foggy in Boston"

... where the fog is everywhere.

Then there is "random clouds erasing random localized bits of neighborhoods and skyline" foggy.

That's the coolest type!

I also love it when this means that the temperatures are randomly assorted, too (although the jacket on/off/on trip can be awkward). So much fun that my Garmin toy that I got for Xmas has some ability to pick this up, too.

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