Latest Somerville Neighborhood Newscast

NEWSCAST: Somerville Neighborhood News #21 - Aug. 12, 2014

Latest Somerville Neighborhood Newscast

Aug. 12, 2014 – Meet the director of the city’s Market Basket, go to a meeting with Union Square residents to discuss public space in the neighborhood, check out the dogs and dog-lovers who also love canine-adoption, go with immigrant service providers to a meeting to figure out how to help the unaccompanied minors arriving in the city, Also, ward 5 residents are talking about rent rises and gentrification and state rep candidates are fielding questions from city unions. All these stories and more on Somerville Neighborhood News #21 on Aug. 12 at 7 pm on Channel 3 or here. Check out other episodes at

Somerville Neighborhood News is a production of Somerville Community Access Television, made by professional journalists, volunteers and staff. The half-hour news show has as its mission to provide a lively, informative newscast focusing on the events, issues and information impacting Somerville residents.


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