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Man winds up under outbound Orange Line train at Back Bay

Around 9:15 p.m. a man jumped in front of an outbound Orange Line train as it entered Back Bay station.

The T shut power in both directions so that firefighters could extricate the man, who remained alert and conscious (photo from the platform). About 22 minutes later, firefighters got him onto the platform for treatment by EMTs and transportation to a local hospital.

Brandon Lerner was waiting for a train:

It was insane to be a bench away from him and seeing him jump as the train came into the station.

He reports he immediately called 911 for help.

Meanwhile, Meighan O'Toole was on the train. She first tweeted at 9:17 to ask if anybody knew why her train was just sitting in the tunnel right before Back Bay.

She reports:

Train just stopped. Conductor just came running through. We were there for 10-15 mins. I was worried.

She adds:

Second time in a year I've been on a train when someone's been hit.

The first time, the person who was hit didn't survive, she says.

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