Five-alarm fire destroys Hyde Park warehouse, forces evacuation of nearby homes

Fire in Hyde Park

Firefighters battle blaze in Hyde Park.

Boston firefighters responded at 5:40 p.m. to 28 Grantley St., off Hyde Park Ave., for what turned into a five-alarm blaze in a warehouse at Hyde Park Masonry and Supplies.

At times the smoke was so thick firefighters with hoses at the top of one of three ladders were not visible from the street. Police evacuated nearby homes on Grantley Street and ordered onlookers away from the front of the fire scene on Hyde Park Avenue. Thick smoke filled the streets a couple blocks south of the warehouse.

Firefighters fought the blaze entirely from the outside, in part due to the presence of tanks of chemicals inside the warehouse.

Two firefighters were injured, one seriously enough to be taken to a local hospital, although his injuries are not life threatening, BFD says.

Fire Commissioner Joe Finn arrived and took control of the fire operations.

Grantley fire

Firefighters are continuing to pour water on the building (photo by BFD) and expect to remain on scene overnight.

Grantley fire

The smoke on Glenwood Avenue, a couple blocks away:

Grantley smoke




23 Grantley - Housing

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BFD radio states fire building is #23 Grantley St which is across from the concrete building. That is a multi-level apartment or condo complex. It's also a dead end street which will make fighting it difficult. 4 alarms as of 6:15 pm, likely to drop in water from hydrants elsewhere.

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Hmm ...

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Was just down there (and have the smoke-infused clothes to prove it), sure looked like the warehouse. Maybe it spread?

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