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Area fried-chicken magnate who pleaded guilty to tax evasion could have his Hyde Park outlet shut by city

The Boston Licensing Board next week considers what to do about New York Fried Chicken, 1269 River St., one of whose co-owners pleaded guilty earlier this year to tax evasion and visa fraud - unlike his co-owners, who had the foresight to flee to Pakistan first.

The board holds a hearing on a citation issued to New York Fried Chicken, one of a series of fried-chicken take-out places co-owned by Hazrat Khalid Khan, for "violation of business arrangement to wit ‑ unidentified co‑owner & failure to record cash transaction, failure to maintain list of employees, fraud, criminal conviction for felony offense."

In April, Khan, a resident of Middletown, NY, pleaded guilty to charges in US District Court in Boston,related to the way he and his co-owners tended to pay workers in cash in an attempt to skip out on paying payroll withholding taxes to the IRS - and to falsifying the records they did file with the IRS to save even more money - as well as to swearing he had never been arrested or convicted for anything on visa and naturalization applications, when, in fact, he had.

The board could revoke New York Fried Chicken's food-serving license, issue a license suspension for a set number of days, or just file the whole thing away.

Its hearings begin at 10 a.m. in its eighth-floor hearing room in City Hall.



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They should order that the place be renamed. It would probably even do more business if were named something with a local flavor. Something like RemCluck Chicken.

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