Arlington kid no Mr. Potter; turns in bag of cash belonging to local restaurant chain

Arlington police chief honors local boy for turning money in

Police Chief Frederick Ryan, Jasper and Erik Dopman

Arlington Police are praising a local 6-year-old whom they say found and turned in a bag containing $2,000 in cash and deposit slips from a local chain of Mexican restaurants.

Police say Jasper Dopman, 6, a student at the Thompson Elementary School, was walking with his father Erik down Medford Street on April 8 when he spotted a cloth bag lying on the ground:

Erik called the Arlington Police Department and turned the bag in. An investigation determined that the money belonged to Tenoch Mexican Food Corp., which has restaurant locations in Medford, Somerville, and [the North End]. Bank officials led Arlington Police to Guadalupe Alvarez, an employee at the Medford location, who confirmed that she had lost the bag earlier. The Police Department returned the missing money to the family-owned restaurant.

Jasper and Erik visited the Arlington Police Department on April 27, where they were introduced to Alvarez and restaurant owner Alvaro Sandoval. The Dopmans were presented with Outstanding Citizen Awards by the Arlington Police Department and gifts from Tenoch Mexican Food Corp.

Among Jasper's schoolmates: Sandoval's son.



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