Evaluation ordered for West Roxbury man charged with murder

Nathurlon Munnerlyn

A judge in West Roxbury Municipal Court today ordered Nathurlon Munnerlyn (right) to Bridgewater State Hospital for a mental-health evaluation, at his arraignment on charges he stabbed Brian Sweeney to death in Sweeney's home on Temple Street in West Roxbury on Nov. 19, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

NBC Boston reports the evaluation is to determine whether Munnerlyn, 39, is competent to stand trial and said both a prosecutor and a court clinician said they could not get Munnerlyn to even talk to him.

The judge waived the usual reading of the the details of what led to the murder charge; ordered Munnerlyn to return to court on Dec. 11.

The Herald, meanwhile, talked to members of Sweeney's family, who said he had cognitive disabilities but was a good guy despite a lifetime of bullying.

Innocent, etc.



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Tragic. Two guys, one 39 the

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Tragic. Two guys, one 39 the other 40, who live in the same BHA apartment complex. The city does a decent job getting people housing. It doesn't do a decent job of screening people for mental health.

Spring Street has residents with substance abuse disabilities which is also an indicator for mental health issues.

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How horribly sad

It does not sound like there is any sense to be made of this. Terrible all the way around.

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Insanity vs Sanity

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I would like to First extend my deepest sympathies to the surviving family members of this horrific tragedy.

One of the most perplexing things of life is attempting to make sanity of the insane. When you're insane you're not sane that's the rule, why do sane people try to make sanity of the insane once it determined insane.
Is this insane.

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Anyone receiving SSI or eligible to receive it is eligible for this category of housing.

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