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Greeting-card lawsuit pops up in federal court

Sample Lovepop card

A Boston company that makes greeting cards that pop open into 3D designs is suing a New York company it says has ripped off its work.

In a copyright lawsuit filed this week in US District Court in Boston, LovePop, Inc., 71 Chatham St., charges that Paper Pop Cards "has slavishly copied several of LovePop’s designs without LovePop’s authorization, and is selling virtually identical or substantially similar copies of LovePop’s cards on Paper Pop’s website and in retail stores.

The local company also says its New York rival has used its name in URLs in Google ads, for example, www.paperpopcards.com/lovepop

LovePop is seeking an immediate end to the alleged copying, plus all the profits Paper Pop has made from the offending products, plus damages, plus attorneys' fees.

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One of the reasons I haven't started my own business is because the thought of having to deal with litigation due to the selfishness and laziness of those who try to sweep in and steal ideas. It makes it seem not worth the effort.

I wish LovePop well on the lawsuit.

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Actually fefu, there's a valuable piece of information you appear to be missing. Were you aware that the nice young gentlemen who created Lovepop were actually mentored by the folks at Paperpop and that several of Paperpop's products have been in the market years before Lovepop's existence? Are you aware that Paperpop even has patents in place? These Harvard engineers didn't come up with this concept on their own.

Just because you have a Shark tank full of money behind you doesn't mean you shouldn't at least be honorable.

I wish PaperPop well on their defence.

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