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A mighty wind

Flattened car in Roslindale

Flattened car on Primrose Street in Roslindale.

Trees fell, power lines snapped and cats raced through apartments looking for a safe space as the Great Sou'easter of 2017 roared through the state overnight.

As of 7:15 a.m., Massachusetts officials said more than 302,000 electric customers in the state were without power.

Eversource said only 463 customers in Boston had no current. Parts of Readville were among the first to blink out.

Flooding shut Memorial Drive at the Longfellow Bridge, as KMV shows us:

Flooded Memorial Drive

Falling trees in Mansfield took out service on the Providence Line. Every other commuter line had problems as well.

Garry Waldeck was amazed at the amount of water flowing into Boston Harbor from the Charles:

A tree fell along the Grenway, as Cybah shows us:

Tree down on the Greenway

And, as James Noonan shows us, in Roxbury (fortunately, the house was in the middle of being gutted for rehab):

Tree down on Roxbury

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Tropic'Easter Spork


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Since midnight in all of Hull. Drove thru most of Hingham today and saw no power.

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