Truck rollover scraps commute through Sullivan Square

Rolled over truck in Sullivan Square in Charlestown

Cleaning up the mess. Photo by Ben Walsh.

NBC Boston reports a truck carrying scrap metal rolled over in Sullivan Square this morning, making the commute through there even worse than usual.




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Here's hoping the trucker is okay

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That bike lane will be flat city for a while, though.

The guy was probably rocketing through on the curve, but the scrap had other ideas.

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I hope s/he's okay too, but

I hope s/he's okay too, but at the same time I hope there are some serious consequences for them. That could easily have killed a cyclist or a pedestrian.

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Third one in recent memory

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The scrappers overload their trucks and then drive with excessive speed through the rotary. Maybe time for weigh stations?

There is sometimes a cop hanging out at the edge of the bike lane - could have been killed, too.

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Rollovers happen in Sullivan Square with disturbing frequency in the early morning or overnight hours. It is a miracle that a pedestrian, bike or car was not involved this time. There has to be something that can be done to slow the trucks down on this turn while we continue to wait for the redesign. Even some truck specific signage would be better than nothing.

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