Some hunkering down today

Nearly deserted Downtown Crossing

Jack Loughran had Downtown Crossing almost all to himself this afternoon.

Mooshrimp looked out at a family going out in Somerville:

Ski familiy in Somerville

David Parsons watched somebody looking at plows in Quincy:

Plows in Quincy

And, of course, a Dunkin' Donuts wasn't going to keep some snow from it opening for the day:

Dunkin' Donuts in Quincy

Turlach MaDonagh captured a jogger on a Coolidge Corner side street:

Brookline jogger



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I think that guy "looking at the plows"

was just trying to get around the plows, and checking to see if it's safe. That's kind of a dangerous area, even without all the snow.

He's probably walking to Quincy Adams station, which is just past that underpass in the background.

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