Citizen complaint of the day: Cold turkey

Cold turkey in Ashmont

A concerned citizen expresses concern in a 311 report about the poor Ashmont turkey in Dorchester:

Turkey needs assistance loose feathers and shivering from the cold he's roaming around but won't be to far from this location. Extremely cold.

With Thanksgiving behind him, the Ashmont turkey resumes patrols of his domain.
Aggro Ashmont avian harasses students, commuters.


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Carrying the fire of liberty

Carrying the fire of liberty in our hearts & bellies and the passion of revolution in our souls will keep us warm.

This is our homeland and we were born ready as children of Mother Nature to survive.

But if you wish to support the cause, strategically dropped hot kosher bagels would be graciously accepted.

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Turkeys are vigilante crime

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Turkeys are vigilante crime fighters. Charles Bronson would be proud.

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splitting hairs....

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That is a "bearded" turkey. Generally those are males. Females can have beards, but that is extremely rare.

Best regards.

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Gender Issues

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Only the males have those "beards" affixed to their breasts.

So yeah, they all have them if you don't count the females.

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I was talking to the Owner of

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I was talking to the Owner of Ashmont Bikes about this bird on Thursday. He told me that he it had been hanging out in the area on and off for the past couple of months. It's become somewhat of a neighborhood fixture. It's amazing that it can survive for this long while regularly jaywalking thru the busy intersection.

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