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Parking While Black in Dorchester


‘This is my neighborhood!’ White man melts down after seeing a black woman park her motorcycle on his street [near the intersection of Adams Street and Chelmsford in Dorchester]

Boston woman says she found herself being accosted by an angry white man simply because she parked her motorcycle on the street where he lived.

In a video posted on her Facebook page, Boston resident NeNe Judge’Mayo can be seen getting screamed at by a white man after she parked her motorcycle in what he described as “his neighborhood” of Dorchester — despite the fact that Judge’Mayo lives in Dorchester as well.

“Do you live here?” the man yelled at Judge’Mayo, who replied affirmatively that she did.

This, however, only seemed to enrage the man further and he insinuated that he would get shot due to her presence on his street.

“I’m not getting shot in my neighborhood!” he yelled. “This is my f*cking neighborhood! It’s my f*cking neighborhood! You’re bringing this f*cking sh*t into my neighborhood? No! No!”

Eventually, a police officer comes and asks the man to move away from the area.

“I don’t care where she lives,” the officer tells the man.

“This is my neighborhood!” the man pleads to the officer. “Now you’re taking it out on me? You’re taking it out on me?”



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