Think she has a permit?

Turkey in South Boston

Jay spotted this turkey by the container terminal in South Boston this morning.



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We aren’t ‘undocumented’

We aren’t ‘undocumented’ aliens we are indigenous.

It’s you imperialist colonials which are the ‘invasive’ species.

Though we don’t mind appropriating your culture of delicious kosher baked goods.



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at the Thomas Butler Dog Park.


M Street Softball

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That's right behind the outfield at the softball field I work at every night, M - F. Not only have I seen turkeys on the field, but also rabbits, skunks, a racoon, and two weeks ago - during a game, mind you - a huge hawk came in for a landing on top of the backstop. Everybody stopped play to look at it. I was umpiring that night, so it's possible he came in after disagreeing with my calls to see if he could carry me away.



Crumbling dangerous eyesore

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Removed at the request of the community to make more parking and open access to the park.

Not everything old is OMG HISTORIC! Some of it is dangerous, expensive, and has outlived its usefullness.

Go live in a museum.

Are trees dangerous,

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Are trees dangerous, expensive, and have outlived their usefulness? Should we put them all in a tree museum?

The historic wall used to

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The historic wall used to separate the neighborhood from the old MBTA power plant that was full of asebetos and PCBs