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More than three football fields of shipping containers

The Ever Fair docked at the Conley Terminal

Eric Bender spent some time this morning observing the Ever Fair, berthed in the Reserved Channel at the Conley Terminal. He noted it's 1,095 feet long - longer than the container ship that took out the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore (although we don't have any bridges to takeout between the Reserved Channel and the open ocean). It also appears to be a reverse mullet: Party in the front, business in the back:

Back of the container-laden Ever Fair


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Spending some time sitting on the edge of the Reserved Channel and watching containers get shuffled is an enjoyable way to spend some time on a lazy warm summer afternoon.

Wondering around the seaport side of the seaport is pretty fun too. There's still some interesting things to see that aren't glass buildings and it's surprisingly open to walk around.

Same goes for heading over to Deer Island to watch things happening at Logan.

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Instead of Deer Island (which, granted, is always worth a trip, as is even the Flynn Marine Park), go over to Castle Island, get some clam strips (or a hot dog, or, well, anything) and set up on the hill near the monument - you get to watch both Logan and the harbor.

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Aren't all of the ships whose name begin with "Ever" from the same company whose Ever Given got stuck in the Suez Canal three years ago?

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Quoth the raven, Evermore.

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You win the Internet today and I'm stealing that line for use during my next rant about Eversource, now occurring almost monthly

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Evergreen Marine - they have a ton of fun and/or ridiculous names for their ships.


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Savannah is a huge port and the ships go up the river right in front of the touristy area on River St. It's really cool, you can almost touch them. Use an app to see when they'll be going by, grab a cocktail and watch.

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That entire stretch of Puget Sound is nearly solid with container ports. The train lines run right alongside them.

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