Westwood man charged with grinding into women on commuter rail, Green Line


Transit Police report arresting Jeremy Pincus, 53, of Westwood, on charges he ground himself against the buttocks of two women, one on the Franklin Line on April 25 and one on the Green Line at Copley on May 2.

Pincus was charged with indecent assault and battery and lewd and lascivious conduct for the two incidents, police say.

Innocent, etc.



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Plenty of PhDs are creeps and pervs.

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You probably got the same guy this time, but he hasn't been convicted.

News posting a name and photo is not for your entertainment and 5 minutes of hate and destroying the life of a possibly innocent person.

It's as a check against governments using arrests to secretly grab people, and so that any other alleged past victims of the suspect might recognize from the photo and come forward.

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Oh shut up! It's our god

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Oh shut up! It's our god given right as Americans to shoot first, ask questions later. We learned that when out president told us to beat people up and he would pay our bail.

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Don't rush to judge

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He is a respected colleague and friend who has never done a dishonest or creepy thing ever unlike others in the workplace. Don't judge till all the facts are known.

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Two incidents

Two completely different settings.

I wouldn't be so sure that he's been an angel in the workplace, either. You might check how many of his female reports have "left to pursue other interests" if you are at all thorough about "facts'.

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