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Board approves Caribbean restaurant near Ashmont T stop, but initially only for sit-down service

The Zoning Board of Appeal yesterday approved Linval Chambers's proposal to re-fit a long vacant chiropractor's office at 1 Peabody Square into his fourth Flames restaurant.

But while Chambers had told neighbors and the mayor's office that he would offer takeout at the 14-seat restaurant, his formal application to the zoning board didn't include that, so the approval means he has to submit a new application and go through another hearing to be allowed to offer food to go.

Both the mayor's office and the office of at-large City Councilor Annissa Essaibi-George supported the proposal at a hearing yesterday, although the strongest support came from William Onuoha, director of the city's Office of Fair Equity and Housing, who said he's very familiar with the food at Flames: "The food is so good you might bite your fingers off," he said.

In addition to returning to the zoning board for permission to offer takeout, Chambers also needs to obtain a food-serving license from the Boston Licensing Board.



Does anyone know the status of Jamaican Me Hungry opening at Jackson Square where Moohya died?

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FFS let the man open his restaurant without all this fellating of the zoning boards

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The place isn't open and he probably has a fair amount of work ahead before he's ready to open (I can't imagine chiropractor's offices have commercial kitchens, plus, he still needs to get a common victualer's license, go through health and fire inspections, etc.), so he's not going to lose any business because of this - he'll just have to reapply, hold another (fairly pointless) meeting with the local neighborhood association and then spend two hours waiting for his hearing at the zoning board, which will probably last all of five minutes, if that long.

Yeah, annoying, but given that the zoning board is kind of a quasi-judicial board whose decisions can be appealed right to superior court, it's kind of understandable why they want to make sure all their t's are crossed and the like.

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Didn't realize he had one in Providence now: http://flamesrestaurants.biz/

Used to enjoy going to the Brigham Circle one.

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I'd say that's arguably the worst location in Boston. Definitely the Morton St. one in Mattapan is the best. Next is Grove Hall then the Brigham Circle one. Still, the food is great though.

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