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Commissioner Gordon sends up the fat signal

At the height of the storm last night, Kaz wondered why a beacon was rounding the sky in Brighton. Erin Hubay reports it's just the newly rebuilt McDonald's on Soldiers Field Drive alerting the world to its existence.



When I think a certain headline is possibly the funniest thing ever written on UHub, you can be quite confident that a fair amount of feelz are hurt or some wokeline has been crossed.


I still think that's pretty doggone funny.


The real world doesn't work like the inside of your alleged mind.

I read "fat signal" as "we have a lot of fat for you to eat".

But when I do, I do it before anyone has even hinted that they were offended!

I fed him the line in my responses on Twitter. And I'm fat. So it's cool.

They were signalling that they had lots of fatty food for sale, no?

But when I do, I make sure to OWN THE LIBS in advance of anybody expressing any objection!

Because I just want you all to know that when I do, I am just doubling down on the cluelessness that leads me to not understand what is offensive and why because I'm CapeCodpiece and I'm stoopid!

that's a quality headline right there. good job Adam

It was his idea.

My first thought was that Kevin Smith of Jay & Silent Bob fame was hosting his podcast live in Brighton.