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Man gets no kicks at Quincy Center; he gets arrested instead


Transit Police report arresting a Somerville man they say tried to rob somebody of sneakers at the Quincy Center Red Line stop yesterday afternoon only to fail in the attempt because the commotion drew the attention of other passengers and he decided to run away instead.

However, Kerby Cetoute, 22, proved unable to outrun the long arm of the law and Transit and Quincy officers nabbed him nearby, police say.

Police say the victim and Cetoute had agreed online to meet at the Quincy Center T stop so that Cetoute could, he claimed, buy a pair of sneakers from him.

The male convinced the victim to proceeded to the far end of the platform to exchange money for the sneakers. Once there the offending male ... forcefully attempted to take possession of the sneakers from the victim. The victim resisted and Cetoute made the victim believe he was armed with a weapon, possibly a firearm, as he shouted "I'll shoot you". The commotion drew the attention of passersby and Cetoute fled.

An area search conducted by Transit and Quincy Police resulted in Cetoute being detained nearby and the victim positively identifying him as the assailant.

Cetoute was charged with armed robbery, police say.

Innocent, etc.

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Are they sure they got the right guy? Did the police check whether former Boston Celtic Tony Allen was in the area?

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... we all look alike, very original.

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Have done a great job at preventing crime at Wollaston station and the garage at Quincy Center. There hasn't been a car break in years.

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