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National Grid fires that horn-blaring Trump lover

WFXT reports National Grid has told that worker who blared his horn and yelled at a Belmont woman with Warren, pro-LGBTQ and national-park stickers on her car that his services are no longer needed.

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... and hate Warren, ya gotta agree that leaning on the company horn and harassing people while on the clock is asking to be fired.


I think you underestimate the extent of the Fox News brainwashing. They live in Bizarro World now.


When you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.


If that were true this guy would be appearing on Megyn Kelly’s NBC show and being offered a guest spot on Roseanne.

It's a reference to this famous statement:

"And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything,"

Something tells me that this guy is no stranger to the progressive discipline system at his former employer.

This was the final straw. No doubt management viewed this as the opportunity to rid themselves of a problem employee.


Somewhat blotted out face but I'm sure he was able to retire with 80%.

Look, the guy did wrong and deserves to be fired IMO.

But, if he's worked his years and paid into his pension, he's certainly entitled to retire and collect it. His behavior shouldn't make his ability to buy food, shelter, and medicine as an older adult disappear.

Its best to not harass people.

This article is UHub porn.


Maybe you should stick to more local sites, in Russia.


UHub porn is a kind of partisan celebratory term... not an insult.

Granted, the whole world is not tuned into the idea of adding the word "porn" to something to denote a guilty pleasure that takes up more time viewing than what can be considered normal.

If you like pimple porn, say, be prepared to explain that everyone keeps their clothes on and there is a show on TLC dedicated to it.


Murkin is one of your fellow travelers, not somebody who'd celebrate the guy getting fired.


You are confusing you being mocked with me being offended.

You are just confusing. As in irrational.


As long as your Porn Analyst credentials are in order, I'll stifle my initial reaction to your post.

I checked. He thought Mia Khalifa was a building in Dubai.

I believe the world you are really looking for is "schadenfreude"

this man as a modern day Paul Revere. Sounding then alarm on behalf of freedom for fat, drunk, divorced, middle aged, high school educated, now jobless white guys.


I think what the guy did was inexcusable. Good riddance to him. But your post is everything that is wrong with current liberalism (and I speak as someone who was a proud liberal for years and years). You simply look down on people. He's "middle aged", he's "fat", he's "high school educated". Shame on you. Try using those terms with any other group and see what happens.


I agree completely with the last "Anon". Most of the high school educated people that I know either couldn't afford college, came from families where educating girls was not a priority or had such a difficult time in high school for outside reasons that attending college was not possible. Lots of us are fat and middle-aged. Insults never changed anybody's mind.

He is also part of a group whose life expectancy is decreasing.


Trump taps into the misery described in this article and revels in liberal snobbery. Remember the mileage he got from Hillary's "Deplorables" remark. Please lets not make the same mistake again.


can't be hurting that bad if your political choices, which dictate everything from how clean your air is to whether you can ask your boss for a raise without getting fired, are dictated not by self interest but by sticking it to people who hurt your delicate feelings. must be nice to be so assured of your place in the world that you can vote against your own self interest because "fuck those snobby liberals". the rest of us don't have that luxury.

Where he accepts both "yes" and "no" as answers to "Is pimpin' easy?"

This applies to both of the above comments. Somehow, both are correct.

Also heard in that sketch, and also relevant to this conversation: "Stop cutting each other's throats?"

everyone should be like you?


He’ll get a job with liberty university or the trump administration. They are always hiring dumb assholes.


He's more likely to get a job at Columbia Gas.


Given Columbian Gas's reputation after the horrific gas explosions in Lawrence and other cities and towns nearby, not to mention another recent gas leak a week ago last Friday in Lawrence and some other nearby cities and towns that resulted in the evacuation of lots of people, I wouldn't wish a job at Columbia Gas on my worst enemy or enemies.

to reaching middle age is dying before you reach middle age. So isn't being middle age a plus? I get it though, you're a young, thin, college educated white person, (maybe) so you're all woke and shit, right?

God, protect this great President. I believe you sent him (President Trump) to help us. -- Ethiopian orphan raised in Indiana

The real story here in Belmont is not the union worker's questionable behavior but the fact that he is enthusiastically opposing the Dem front runner. If a blue collar, United Steel Worker (the union representing NG gas workers) can proudly wear a Trump hat without hesitation while working in a union shop and publicly belittle the Dem leader, whoa! Times have quickly changed, that just didn't happen, as recently as ten years ago.

Equally inspiring, the shift of young, professional African-Americans away from the Democrat party that has also taken them for granted for years. The prayers of Mahmet are truly inspiring, even if you hate Trump. The Dems might want to quickly reevaluate their plan if the base is deserting them and most of the stories are hidden by the dutiful media.

Real story is Dems have lost blue collar workers, blacks

Your goal is to be as fact free as your Dear Leader, Benito Dorito, isn't it?

If a blue collar, United Steel Worker (the union representing NG gas workers) can proudly wear a Trump hat without hesitation while working in a union shop and publicly belittle the Dem leader, whoa! Times have quickly changed, that just didn't happen, as recently as ten years ago.

Check out this gem from Minneapolis:


In a nutshell, just days from Trumps visit, police brass ban wearing police uniforms at POLITICAL EVENTS.

But it's okay because police brass denies the new policy has anything to do with politics.

Times, they-are-a-getting-different