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You don't have to come all the way into town just to storrow

Storrowed truck in Belmont

Belmont Police Chief James MacIsaac shows us what happens when a truck driver doesn't stay to the middle of the Belmont Center Bridge.

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Hokey smokes and macaroni and cheese. That’s the most storrowed truck Magoo has seen this side of the Charles River. Magoo.

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Sign assessment: 2/10.

nothing on any of the approach roads, just a sign on the bridge itself. And it doesn't make it clear which part of the arch has a 10'3 clearance. All the way at the curb edge?

northbound: https://goo.gl/maps/JobAeQysGi8gRgEdA


The other traffic engineering mystery of Belmont Center is who is supposed to have right of way at the 3-way intersection south of the bridge. I've seen lines of cars take any of the left turns barging through without slowing down.

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No lie detected. It's crazy-town over there.

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Solar panels
Paving their roads
Fixing leaking sewers that turn their waterways into sewers

Now you want them to put up proper signage, too? They are too rich and special for that!

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At least along the roads I use on a regular basis. Somerville is much worse in that regard.

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I could show you some Belmont roads that would shatter your spine. It's like a religious obligation for them not to pave.

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...hasn't quite figured that it's in the middle of a busy metro area. Seems to be managed as if it were a tiny town out in the Berkshires. (Which I probably shouldn't say - there's probably a lot of towns out in the Berkshires that are way better at maintaining their municipal infrastructure!)

As a town resident, I look on with envy that Watertown can do a full street repaving AND replace sidewalks (the whole lot, both sides) in a few weeks to maybe a month. Meanwhile it takes Belmont all summer to repave and spot repair about 10-12 blocks worth of streets. That's assuming they actually finish the handful of streets they started this spring.

During this pandemic period, we actually do more of our walks into Watertown - less chance of twisting your ankle trying to use the sidewalk.

Oh, and Belmont Center is straight from the old "if you don't know where you're going, why are you even here" school of thought. Should really just come with a "Caution: You figure it out" warning sign.

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along with its neighbor Arlington and almost-neighbor Somerville

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Go Penske!

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…. if “to Storrow” spreads nationwide and eventually makes it into Webster’s Dictionary.

I’m going to try to use it 5 times today.

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