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Unbelievably clean, shiny and rust-free Orange Line train pulled into Green; naturally, it didn't let anybody on

Nikki T watched as one of the brand spankin' new Orange Line trains barreled through Green Street station this morning. It didn't stop to let anyone enjoy that new-train odor, of course - it was just on a test run getting ready, we hear, for actual service later this summer.



A brand new train out of service? How is this any different than the current ones?


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The T in 2020

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There was a new train at Wellington off and on a lot last summer. It appeared to have sand bags in it.

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Were to simulate the weight of passengers.

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I'd wager a few dollars that these trains breakdown, or have systematic delays, just the same and the old trains. New trains on an old system are at the mercy of the old, and weakly maintained, system.

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What your last sentence says. That means that things could improve, since dead trains eventually will not be an issue (knock on the wood like thing that is the paneling on the old trains,) but that will leave issues with signals, switches, tracks, and electrical supply.

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And when the likes of Tory Bullock gets all pissy when sections of the Red and Orange Line are replaced by buses on weekends, I will ask they when the work should take place.

However, until work begins, I think the signal gripes are valid.

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