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Police say woman was kidnapped after leaving Theater District club; issue APB for Providence man

 Louis D. Coleman III

UPDATE: Suspect arrested.

Boston Police report they are now looking for both Jassy Correia, last seen leaving Venu on Warrenton Street and then getting into a car at Tremont and Herald streets with a man police now say kidnapped her.

Police released a photo of Louis D. Coleman III, 32, of Providence. Police say Coleman was spotted in the Providence area today - and are looking for him, Correia and the red car they got into.

Anybody who spots them should call 911, police say.

This is the second time in a little more than a month that police were called in to investigate a woman's disappearance. Last month, a woman who went missing after leaving a Union Street bar was discovered in an apartment at the Bunker Hill development in Charlestown. The apartment's occupant was charged with her kidnapping.



in this case with the banner headlines, breaking news reports, and social media panic in the Olivia Ambrose case - they're almost identical situations, except for the skin color of the victims.

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Not sure I'm buying it.

The first woman was last spotted leaving a bar late on a Saturday. Police issued a public missing-person alert on Monday, then issued photos of the suspect Tuesday morning, followed by his arrest (and her rescue) on Tuesday afternoon.

In this case, Correia was last spotted leaving a club early on a Sunday. Police released photos of her on Wednesday, followed the next day by a photo of the suspect, and then his arrest that afternoon.

So, yes, a lag of a day. But once the media found out about it, they went all out in their coverage. One example from Wednesday. Another.

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RIP Jassy

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