Police say woman was kidnapped after leaving Theater District club; issue APB for Providence man

 Louis D. Coleman III

UPDATE: Suspect arrested.

Boston Police report they are now looking for both Jassy Correia, last seen leaving Venu on Warrenton Street and then getting into a car at Tremont and Herald streets with a man police now say kidnapped her.

Police released a photo of Louis D. Coleman III, 32, of Providence. Police say Coleman was spotted in the Providence area today - and are looking for him, Correia and the red car they got into.

Anybody who spots them should call 911, police say.

This is the second time in a little more than a month that police were called in to investigate a woman's disappearance. Last month, a woman who went missing after leaving a Union Street bar was discovered in an apartment at the Bunker Hill development in Charlestown. The apartment's occupant was charged with her kidnapping.



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It's very tough to reconcile the apathetic media coverage

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in this case with the banner headlines, breaking news reports, and social media panic in the Olivia Ambrose case - they're almost identical situations, except for the skin color of the victims.

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Apathetic media?

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Not sure I'm buying it.

The first woman was last spotted leaving a bar late on a Saturday. Police issued a public missing-person alert on Monday, then issued photos of the suspect Tuesday morning, followed by his arrest (and her rescue) on Tuesday afternoon.

In this case, Correia was last spotted leaving a club early on a Sunday. Police released photos of her on Wednesday, followed the next day by a photo of the suspect, and then his arrest that afternoon.

So, yes, a lag of a day. But once the media found out about it, they went all out in their coverage. One example from Wednesday. Another.

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What a scumbag

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RIP Jassy

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