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Snake's alive! Newton python found; no cats, children reported missing

Shortly after 7:30 p.m., Newton Police reported:

Lightning the Burmese Python has been found and is back home with his family!

Newton Mayor Ruthanne Fuller reports Lightning didn't slither far:

A self proclaimed snake expert Jean-Paul LaPierre found Lightning, the Burmese Python. LaPierre just called dispatch and said he was coming to look. He said the snake would not go far. LaPierre said he had found a missing snake in the past in Woburn. He than found it in the yard that backs up to this owners yard. He picked it up and walked it home to the owner.



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Anyone else think of Lily Tomlin sitting in a giant rocking chair upon seeing the first name of Newton's mayor?

I did. ** oh wait that was Edith Ann.... but still, that's what came to mind.





and that's the truth......PHHHHBBBBBBT

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