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The wheels on the bus go round and round - until they fall off

Bus with busted wheel

Neal Gaffey watched this pair try to figure out what to do about the charter bus with the wheel that came off on Court Street at the turn to Tremont Street by City Hall today.

DD808 took a longer view of the situation:

Broken bus
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That looks like a broken axle, drive shaft, or suspension support; not just a wheel falling off

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Or, on Court St the wheels of justice something something . . . or not at all?

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Everyone in the local tour guide industry knows that those bus companies are the worst, in terms of maintenance. They always put in the lowest bid for groups from New York and vicinity -- and, as in so many other fields, you get what you pay for.

Federal regulations require the owner's name, city, and USDOT number to be painted in small letters; but otherwise these companies leave the sides entirely blank, usually white. An enlargement of the photo shows that the company is based in South Plainfield NJ, but I can't make out the company name. Something like Irsas Tours LLC??

These no-name companies have largely taken over the charter work that the New York Chinatown buses used to handle, before they got put out of business.

Can't say I'm surprised.

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I've been on dozens of these buses with a bunch of different companies, and the only time the bus ever caught on fire and exploded during the trip, it was a Bolt (i.e. Greyhound) Bus. 2015 on the pike in Newton returning from NYC.


People were getting their luggage out of the underneath compartments after evacuating, despite the rear of the bus being on fire, totally unaware that it was going to explode like that. People didn't get clear of the bus until 2-3 minutes before it blew. Insane shit. I wound up hopping a fence and calling an Uber.

Anyhow, whether well-regulated or not, these bus operators are under tons of pressure to do their maintenance as cheap and fast as possible.

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Right off the top of my head, 1 caught fire on the pike and another tipped over while taking an exit ramp at high speed. Just a few of the many adventures of the legend that will never die.

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Mega Bus.

They've actually killed people. Fung Wah never did that.

I never had a single problem with Fung Wah. I've never had a decent ride on Mega Suck. Always late, taking iffy routes, etc.

PS the onramp tip over wasn't FungWah - that was a charter with Newton band kids. Get your ShitBus facts straight. WorldWideBus also had a fatal accident, but they are also not FungWah.

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Never met a cheap bus fanboy before. Must be a full and fascinating life. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/20-hurt-in-fung-wah-bus-crash/

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Sounds like a new game

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If that’s one of Gideons?

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The bus had New Hampshire tags.

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