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Boston police captain hospitalized with coronavirus


Capt. John Greland of District E-13 in Jamaica Plain is usually pretty active on Twitter. Yesterday, he explained why his feed fell silent a couple weeks ago:

I want to thank the staff at South Shore Hospital from the bottom of my heart for saving my life. I had tested positive . After 10 days I took a turn for the worse and went by ambulance to SSH. I was was given all sorts of antibiotics anti malarial drug plus I was on oxygen.

As I type this I still have a little trouble with breathing. The doctor told me it will require 1-2 more weeks for my lungs to recover. I had pneumonia in both lungs plus the corona virus. Again to thank the nurses and staff at South Shore. They truly are remarkable people.

He adds he went to the emergency room on the tenth day of symptoms, which he said kept getting worse:

Day ten I go to the ER because I was in rough shape. I almost waited too long




And a great father

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Wow scary. So glad to hear he’s recovering.

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Glad he is recovering and grateful to everyone working with the public right now.

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He already had pneumonia and made it 10 days before needing to go to hospital for the virus. Impressive

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