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Did the woman in 'strict isolation' at the hospital with a bad respiratory infection have coronavirus? Who knows - the hospital didn't have enough test kits to find out

Hillary Diane reports what happened when she went to the Mass. General emergency room yesterday with flu-like symptoms and she was brought up to the hospital's Covid-19 clinic and then tested negative on a flu test:

So when my influenza test came back negative, the doctor admitted that he thinks it's possible that I have Covid-19, and really wants to test me, but he can't - even though I have symptoms and potential exposure, *they have no testing kits at this time*. They even called up the chain to Biothreats/DPH, to ask if they could test me anyway even though I don't strictly fit the State criteria, and they said no.

I asked about Quest and LabCorp, as I recently read that they were taking samples and could test. But as of about an hour ago (6:30pm on Wed March 11th) the doctor said they have been calling those labs and more, but they actually *can't* do it... He said that what the media is reporting about that isn't true (yet). He said he thinks it will be a week or two before testing capability actually ramps up.

Hospital physician: The possible coronavirus patients keep coming, but we don't have enough tests for them all.

Via Live Boston.



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The guy on TV in the nice office said they have plenty of tests and anyone who wants one can have one.

Once again, this is the fake news media trying to scare people.

The above is sarcastic and bitter.

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The nice man who was sniffling like crazy and seemed out of breath?

Maybe he needs one, too. Poor man was having trouble making any sense.

(note that they can archive a spit sample for that woman for PCR)

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So, clearly he has.

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Nice office?

Does anybody here know anything about feng shui? I thought I read an article once explaining that the Oval Office was a feng shui disaster, but it's been years and I can't remember.

Frankly, the Office could be the most karma-optimized room in existence and the current office-holder can foul all of that as easily as a dragon living in a dwarf's basement.

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Contact tracing (according to the WHO) is important now, and I don't see how it can be done effectively if we can't identify cases. The Biogen meeting could have just been one event of many undetected. Identifying the Biogen cluster was also delayed due to lack of tests.

We should explicitly inform people of the real testing criteria. While this person and others want to stop the spread by being tested, it seems pointless and risks additional exposure as we lack have the ability to identify in order to trace contacts. If you don't require hospital treatment now we should be clearer about the "stay home if sick" especially if you call a hotline/doctor they shouldn't direct people to care facilities that can't identify a case and don't require treatment. There is no treatment for COVID-19 unless you have severe trouble breathing and you will just risk further infections by seeking a test.

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If you weren't that bad that you didn't need to be admitted, it would be better to just stay home and take care of yourself if you're not feeling well. By going out, you have potentially infected many more people.

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Without contact tracing we will be forced to shutdown schools, offices, restaurants and bars when the situation gets out of control. What's more expensive... contact tracing now or closing everything later?

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... to self quarantine. She seems the responsible type according to her post. And young, so she will likely recover from whatever she has.

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will be a few weeks though.

I don't get the point of the testing criteria. How are they going to know if there's community spread if they're only testing people who are not catching via community spread?

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Positive cases: 95
Confirmed positive cases: 6
Presumptive positive cases: 89
A “presumptive positive” means the individual has tested positive through the state’s Public Health Lab and the results will be sent to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for confirmation.
that from DPH. Presumptive is bull, add in all the people who have been denied testing and the numbers are surely higher. scary and sad

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From @UWVirology:
Licensed medical practitioners from anywhere in the US can order #SARSCoV2 #CoronavirusUSA testing from @UWVirology
We continue to add capacity and can test hundreds more people daily. Test and ordering info here: https://t.co/vbIsdTp2ny?amp=1

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Like, yesterday.

Thanks for posting!

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They can test 10,000 per day. That is according to NPR. The US has tested just under 10,000 as of yesterday, according to the C.D.C's website.

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how many kids will be named covid in 9 months.

i've met a few katrinas the last few years.

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With so many people spending so much time at home for the foreseeable future, we'll probably experience a bit of a baby boom about 9-12 months from now.

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