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Norwood Hospital now completely shut today

Norwood town officials say they're moving the last patients from Norwood Hospital to other facilities as work begins to repair damage from the flooding yesterday.

Individuals in need of emergency medical attention, who do not need an ambulance, can go to nearby Sturdy Memorial Hospital, located at 211 Park St. in Attleboro, or Beth Israel Deaconess Needham, located at 148 Chestnut St. in Needham. In addition, Norwood Urgent Care, located at 120 Boston Providence Highway in Norwood, is open to walk-ins.

A hotline has been set up for individuals who may be looking for a loved one who is a patient at Norwood Hospital and has been evacuated. The hotline number is: 781-769-4000.

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OMG the video I saw. Boston you're my home.

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