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Developer plans residential, commercial buildings on five-acre site on Dorchester Avenue in South Boston

National Development of Newton yesterday told the BPDA it plans to file plans soon to replace a series of warehouses between F.W. Webb and Benjamin Moore on Dorchester Avenue, near Old Colony Avenue, with a four-building development - two buildings with 345 residential units and two buildings with 674,500 square feet of commercial space.

The company did not specify whether the "commercial" space would mean offices or, as has become popular among Boston developers these days, life-sciences laboratories.

National Development says it is also planning about 55,000 square feet of ground-floor retail space for the complex, along with an unspecified amount of parking.

323-265 Dorchester Ave. letter of intent.

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As long as Milla Jovovich moves in we'll have a chance. Only women can save us from bio-mutants.


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One of these days some developer is going to give notice of filing plans to replace the treacherous excuse of a footpath on Dot Ave with an actual pedestrian-safe sidewalk from A Street to Andrew Sq. Crazier things have happened.

The city could contribute by enforcing parking and idling on the sidewalks in Southie and maybe even ban left turns into the Dunks' drivethru on Dot Ave. but I'm going to keep my fantasies to a minimum.

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Hold up, warehouses in the 300 block of Dot Ave, isn't that Peter Welsh's Gym??? Before I became a fat and lazy middle aged hubby and dad, I used to hit the punching bag in there to get my physique ready for the beach. It's a bit of a local institution, I mean, Anthony Bordain once paid a visit not to mention all of the kids who learned the sweet science there over the years. I guess the only thing guaranteed in life is change, but sheesh, that gym should be some kind of local landmark, no?

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This article states the land runs from FW Webb to the Benny Moore paint store. Peter Welch's Gym is one building up from the paint store so assuming no impact. I hope not because it's the best gym anywhere around.

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I believe this is the lot directly next to Pete Welsh..... i.e. where Gold's now is.

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Peter Welch's is in the same building as Benjamin Moore, so I don't think this project includes it. Not sure about Gold's Gym though.

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In Southie is 323 Dot Ave., so presumably it's gone when this project goes forward. The addresses for this project are 323-365 Dot Ave., so that wouldn't include Peter Welch's Gym (which is also the building where GoPuff runs their fulfillment).

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I always like to refer to this area as Marr Boulevard. :-)

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Are we allowed to call it Midtownne?
This will be the athlete's village, right?
Boston 2032 - in da house!!!

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